Alfawise U20 ONE Double Z-axis 3D Printer Instant Assembly – Black Touch Screen EU Plug

Alfawise U20 ONE Double Z-axis 3D Printer Instant Assembly 

– Black Touch Screen EU Plug


Alfawise U20 ONE is the No.1 choice for your brilliant ideas. Not only can Alfawise U20 ONE 3D printer build big, exciting models up to 300 x 300 x 400mm, but also produce flawless details. Double Z axis and motors stabilize the performance and facilitate bed leveling since both motors can be adjusted individually to effectively eliminate tilt. Makers prefer Alfawise U20 ONE with which they can enjoy the absolute freedom to change, improve, upgrade the machine/system, thanks to the open source system. The host of Alfawise U20 ONE is integrated with the build platform, saving more space on the workbench. What else are you looking for? It can’t be easier to start with. Start bringing your ideas to life in only 3 steps!

Main Features:
 Double Z axis and two independent Z motors for more precise printing, easier and more consistent bed leveling

● Open source with the latest Marlin system for absolute freedom of customization, upgrades, as well as more expertise

Power outage resumeand filament run-out protection for 100 percent completion of prints

 3.5 inch color touch screen with better UI, offers total control of the process, and easy access to the settings

 Instant assembly in only 3 steps, foolproof all-in-one 3D printer without external host, more space-saving

 24V built-in power supply, 50 percent lower current for ultimate safety




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